Day 53: Excitement is in the air!

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Day 53:  Excitement is in the air!

Day 53.  Excitement is in the air.  My friend is on a roll with his fundraising campaign for his film.  Another friend is falling in love.  Yet another friend got great news on the health front.  And me, well, I’m not only excited I’m also hair trigger excitable right now.  I have my sights set on scene 12’s completion, I’m beginning to figure out the direction I want Screenwriter Monica to go in for the rewrite, I need to have a discussion with a potential director and I’m out of the walnuts I put in my gluten free sugar free brownie mix.  Damn!  I have to go to the store.  Or maybe I should take the lack of nuts as a sign to stop the daily brownie madness?  Nah.

Motivational Brownies

They’re not only gluten free, sugar free, but they’re also so freaking easy to make.  They come in individual size packets, you add two tablespoons of oil and water, stir, I throw in walnuts, you microwave for 75 seconds and voila, you have a bowl full of deliciousness.  Top with a little Cashewtopia chocolate gelato and it’s sheer heaven!  Now that’s exciting.  And it should be enough excitement to see me through scene 12 this afternoon.  Don’t judge me.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…exciting and motivational brownies.

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  1. Okay, I need to get these brownies!! And, yes, whatever gets you through this moment to the next one, sister! If they became a vice that stopped your forward motion, that would be one thing. But, clearly they serve you to plow through. Bravo!

  2. If it ever does, then you’ll need to do a brownie intervention!!! Thank you for not judging my motivational tool of the day. Thanks, Cindy! You’re the best!!! Oh, and I found them at Von’s in the gluten free section. One package only has 350 calories! The gelato you can only get at Whole foods or online, I think.

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