Day 120: Groovin’

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Day 120:  Groovin’

Day 120.  I can’t get the song “Groovin’” out of my head.  But instead of singing, “groovin’, on a Sunday afternoon,” I’m singing, “workin’, on a Sunday afternoon.”  But it feels just as good.  Day one of 15 is already a success!  Oh me and my countdowns.  You know how I love them!  I finished scene 29 and I’m working my way through scene 30.  There’s still a lot of the day left and I’m actually eyeing finishing scene 30, which would be glorious—not sure I can pull it off but still, it would be helpful considering scene 31 is a ridiculous mess.  There’s five string outs for it because it doesn’t even know exactly what it wants to be.  It’s a catch all “package” scene.  Getting it done in one day will potentially be a challenge, not impossible, but a challenge.  So, I’d like to create a surplus of days for the really tough scenes.  Not to mention the fact that, at some point, I’m going to need to shower.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…groovin’ on any afternoon.

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