Day 95: Rearranging and breaks

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Day 95:  Rearranging and breaks

Day 95.  Script Frenzy is going well so far.  It’s day 4.  I’ve written five and a half new pages in the last three days.  Today, zero.  BUT, I had a huge shake up around my whole premise and plot while on a walk in the gorgeous 75 degree weather this afternoon.  I’m excited.  It is even more personal.  More about what I want it to be about.  The time I put in today was rearranging scenes and reworking the structure and plot.  I think I should count that, don’t you?  I’m going to count that.

Scene 17 is moving along nicely.  I finished the interview string out yesterday and I’m really happy with that and I started the reality string out.  I meant to finish it today but instead I uncontrollably took the entire day away from the doc.  Probably not the smartest move because I’m still planning on finishing the three scenes I need to finish this week to stay on my crusade schedule and scene 17 is just the first of the three.  But, I needed a little break.  And breaks are okay especially if I get a shit load done over the next four days.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…rearranging and breaks.

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