Day 168: Notes!

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Day 168:  Notes!

Day 168.  Five hours later, with Screenwriter Cindy’s eyes glazed over like a zombie, my first notes session on project number 2 is complete!  I’m really, really, really happy about how it went.  I know the notes I gave her are going to strengthen and build on what she’s already done—going from good to great.  I gave her notes that I felt I would appreciate and be able to execute as a writer.  I had this literary manager who was a total nightmare. She would give notes one session and then totally change her mind and give totally different notes the next.  Joie de vivre can back me up on this.  It was one of the worst creative experiences of my life—and it lasted two freakin’ years.  If I have one goal as I work with my writers, it’s not to do that ever.  I also got wonderful advice on how to give notes and work with writers from Unexpected Amazing Mentor and for the most part I think I followed her tips.  If I had to do it all over again, I would stop two hours earlier and skip going into page notes.  It was too much.  After leaving comatose Screenwriter Cindy, I text her from Whole Foods. “Are you okay after our epic meeting?” Luckily, she is. She’s delirious but excited. So am I.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…delirious excitement.

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