Day 174: Twittervention!

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Day 174:  Twittervention!

Day 174.  Wow.  I feel like I’ve just come off a three-day Vegas trip with Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp!  But I wasn’t on cocaine or heroin or psychedelics.  I was on Twitter!  Sheesh.  No wonder I haven’t finished my screenplay!  That’s it.  I’m cut off.


Such an interesting experience!  I can see why people love it so much.  It’s an amazing tool for connecting and sharing information.  It’s also an instant conversation with people you wouldn’t necessarily talk with.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed connecting with @smallblondhippy in Derbyshire, England and @larissar6 in Phoenix and @roxanamjones in San Jose and every one of my followers and I’ve followed all of them back.  I already have a Twitter philosophy: if I follow someone and they don’t follow me back, then they aren’t really interested in having a two way conversation with me.  They just want me to listen.  I’m a good listener but I also like to be listened to.  Quid pro quo.  I prefer actually connecting.  At least for now.  And speaking of connecting, now, I must get back to my writing—and I need way more than 140 characters!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…and follow me on Twitter!!!!

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