Day 184: Gluten Free Continues!

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Day 184:  Gluten Free Continues!

Day 184.  No, I’m not back on a gluten free/sugar free brownie binge.  I actually just finished eating an incredibly delicious, gluten free plate of Chicken Piccata and I feel compelled to share the recipe.  My allergist said if I didn’t have full blown celiac disease, I shouldn’t even attempt to go gluten free because it’s too hard.  Well, I’m finding it very easy to be gluten free!  Without sacrificing the delicious factor!  I took my usual recipe for chicken piccata which you can print from Epicurious, and simply substituted all of the items with gluten in it with gluten free equivalents.  And voilà!

My Gluten Free Chicken Piccata!

I tried a few different gluten free flours before I landed on the one that worked exactly like regular flour and didn’t change the yum factor.  A big fat “no” to Arrowroot starch/flour—gross!  It gave the sauce a snot-like consistency.  Uh-mazing Romantic Partner didn’t seem to mind it but the consistency and texture made me want to gag.  The one that works best for me is Bob’s Red Mill gluten free brown rice flour for both coating the chicken and thickening the sauce.  Thickens exactly like regular flour and doesn’t affect the taste.

As far as pasta goes, there are several choices of really good and tasty gluten free pastas out there.  Today I used what I had in the pantry, which was Tinkyada Pasta Joy’s organic brown rice pasta, spaghetti style.  I also like the Ancient Harvest brand of gluten free pasta, which is made with corn and quinoa.  It’s yellow but very good.  Some other brands include DeBoles and Bionaturae.

Everyone is getting on the gluten free bandwagon these days.  Even Dominos has announced a gluten free pizza crust is coming!  Which is the perfect time for me to point out the obvious about this delicious gluten free chicken piccata—it’s not low calorie!  There’s a ton of butter in it!  I have not tried a butter substitute in it yet.  I do skip adding the additional butter to the final sauce but I also triple the sauce recipe because we’re sauce whores.  So, in the end, there are just as many calories in it.

One thing I mentioned awhile back was that I sometimes have a tough time finding gluten free items that are also sugar free.  Well, according to an article in the NY Daily News, “Food researchers from the University of Brazil have created pasta made with flour milled from green bananas.  The modified pasta could also help control glycemic indices, cholesterol, and intestinal regularity, researchers claim, due to the high level of resistant starch.”  So that’s promising.

Personally, I think going gluten free is helping my allergies and my tummy.  I may not have full blown celiac disease but I break out in hives whenever I eat one of the gluten grains; barley.  I feel that the proof is in how my body feels and reacts when I’m gluten free versus when I’m eating gluten.  So far, this year, my body seems happier being gluten free the majority of the time.  The fact that it’s becoming so popular is a huge plus.  The options in gluten free products are becoming plentiful.  And I like having options!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…options.

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