Day 191: Rest, glorious rest!

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Day 191:  Rest, glorious rest!

Day 191.  10 hours.  Yeah, that’s right—10 delicious, rejuvenating hours of shuteye.  That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

I’m one of those people who can’t do “no sleep” very often.  My body needs it—a lot of it.  Always has.  The college days of pots of coffee and NoDoz are long gone for me.  I now prefer chamomile tea and sleep.


I must take a moment and give thanks that I was able to stop everything yesterday and just rest.  I watched the Wimbledon Federer/Murray match and the Yankees/Red Sox game.  Both of my favs won.  Amazing day.

And now, it’s Monday—my time “to begin” again, anew and all over.  I love Mondays!  They are so fresh and full of promise.  The week ahead is still so full of possibility.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a week of possibilities.

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