Day 209: Mishmosh of Movement

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Day 209:   Mishmosh of Movement

Day 209.  I bought the latest version of Final Draft!  Woo hoo!  Breaking down all possible excuses, people!  Granted, I haven’t loaded it onto my Macbook Pro yet.  But that’s the plan for tomorrow.  That and to dust off the cobwebs and crack open the script.  Wish me luck.

The First Draft

Lunch with Talented Actor Friend today was lovely.  He’s such a dear, kind soul.  He brightens my life.  Oh, and I also remembered to bring him the book Ignore Everbody.  No, I didn’t get it all read again but that’s okay.  If it inspires and motivates him, then that makes me happy.

Josh from the editing team said he’s almost done with a scene.  Awesome.  I’m actually behind on my doc work. I need to finish a simple scene sheet with a line about what the point of each scene is to distribute to the new editors.  You see they’re editing out of sequence.  They have a one sheet “script” for their scene but this is to help them get a sense of place in the film the scene they’re working on is.

All in all, it was a mishmosh of movement.  I’ll take it wherever, whenever and however it comes—as long as it’s forward.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…forward motion.

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