Day 250: PS.

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Day 250:  PS.

Day 250:  PS.

When I panicked last night about my Twitter follower crisis, I Facebook messaged my go to Social Media Guru:  Marcy Massura.  We went to college together and she’s a real gem.  I recently got to see her at Joie de vivre and Beautiful Bride’s wedding reception.  She knows all about this twitter and facebook and google plus stuff that I’m completely clueless on!  She FB messaged me back this morning and completely assuaged all of my panic and fears!  Marcy rocks!  She even suggested maybe some famous person had tweeted my twitter handle.  Oh I LOVE Marcy Massura not only for her guru-ness but also her incredibly positive outlook!  I mean, how much more positive can you get?  Besides her fun and sunny sided suggestion, she said not to worry about it.  Bots can’t do anything bad to me or my account!  Whew.

Thank you, Marcy!

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