Day 266: Ahhhhhhhhh, the ocean!

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Day 266:  Ahhhhhhhhh, the ocean!

Day 266.

Eye-Doc Sis and me!

The ocean really is an amazing thing.  It’s visual valium.

And seeing Eye Doc Sis is an elixir for not only my eyes but also all of my woes!  She has always been a great source of support and inspiration for me.  We’ve been having fun together since our tea parties as little girls and nothing has changed.  We’re having a blast!

The best part about yesterday was that I relaxed.  I calmed down.  I decompressed.  And with all of those lovely things I cracked open Screenwriter Monica’s rewrite.  She delivered it back on September 10th but I’ve just been too slammed and distracted to read it.  Well, I read it.  And holy shit, she knocked it out of the park!  I’m thrilled.  I can’t wait to make this movie.  Casting and pre-production news will be coming very soon.

I am not only in lovely La Jolla but I’m also in Happy Town.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…visits to Happy Town.

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