Creating 2015—Day 33:   First Day of Cleanse!

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Creating 2015—Day 33:   First Day of Cleanse!

The second I remember Uh-mazing Romantic Partner and I are starting the Clean Cleanse this morning I am suddenly starving! Prior to this thought, I wasn’t hungry at all.  What is that about?!  I don’t know.  Except that “hunger” is probably all in my head because I really have no idea what it means to truly be starving.  Thank you god, goddess, all that is for that.

This first day wasn’t too bad!  I purposely made our favorite smoothies for breakfast and dinner and one of our favorite meals, chicken curry, for lunch.  It did not disappoint!  I altered the recipe years ago to fit into the Clean cleanse and we loved it so much, we kept it that way.  The biggest alteration is substituting coconut milk for the called for yogurt.  No dairy on this cleanse, remember?

All in all, I only felt super hungry once today—besides my imaginary panic hunger attack this morning when I realized I was starting a cleanse.  It was right when we got back from an hour-long walk in the hills behind our house.  It was a pretty intense walk for us—we are crazy out of shape right now.  I immediately cut us up an apple with a handful of Brazil nuts.  That snack calmed the hungry beasts while I made lunch.

Smoothie for dinner!

Smoothie for dinner!

Dear Friend finished her cleanse yesterday and celebrated this morning with going for a colonic. Yikes!  I’m not sure I’m brave enough to let someone snake a tube up my ass for over an hour and flush out god knows what.  But, we’ll see how I feel at the end of the cleanse.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll try it.

The thing I am most happy with right now at the end of the first day of this cleanse is that I successfully made it through day one!  Sure, it’s not a big victory considering it’s a 21 day cleanse, but hey, I’ll take any victory, no matter how tiny.   And other than almost psyching myself out this morning it really wasn’t that hard.  Isn’t it amazing how our minds can make something seem so much worse than it actually turns out to be?  Dr. Junger calls it Quantum Detoxification: Cleaning The Mind.  He writes in his book Clean, “The anxiety people feel concerning hunger can scare them away from even starting…the mind can be very resistant.”  No shit. Oops, I’m supposed to be cleaning my mind of, “bad thoughts and feelings and letting go of negative relationships, emotions, jobs…”  I can’t say I did all that but I would like to!  I have 20 more days to try.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…tiny victories.

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  1. Oh no, now I’m going to have to do it! It’s time again… Thanks for the inspiration.

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