Creating 2015—Day 89:   What’s my vision?

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Creating 2015—Day 89:   What’s my vision?

I had a meeting with my first potential director for Death Over 3 Bottles of Wine yesterday.  I did not send her the script prior to our meeting because my goal was to simply have us meet and get a vibe for who we are as people.  Which, I believe, we did.  I really liked her!  But, in hindsight, it was premature to meet as far as the project goes.  Potential Director had questions I couldn’t answer.  I had concerns about her lack of actual filmmaking experience.  I knew we were in trouble when one of her requirements, if she were to direct, was to be paid.  Uh-oh.  No-Budget filmmaking is not for the faint of heart.

I explained to Potential Director that none of my above-the-line talent, except for my SAG actors, was paid for Collusions.  As a matter of fact, barely any of my below-the-line talent got paid!  It was the only way we were able to get the movie in the can for an insanely low budget.  And more than likely, my next film will be made the same way.  But I haven’t actually decided how I’m making my next movie yet!  Will I use the Collusions no-budget formula?  Will I try and raise more money this time?  Will I star in this one?  Will I bring on a casting director and go after bigger name talent?  Will I just cast from my friends?  All vitally important questions to be answered before moving forward.

Looking for my vision!

Where’s my vision?

Lesson learned.  Before I meet with anyone else—whether I’m considering them as a producing partner or a director—I need to make many key decisions around my role in and my vision for the movie: the how, what, and where of it.  It’s the only way to weather the storms that will inevitably strike in the process of getting the film made.  When I sat out to make Collusions my vision was crystal clear.  I knew how I was making the movie, what movie I was making, and where I was making the movie.  In the very beginning, I didn’t know exactly when or with who I’d be making it but knowing the how, what and where dictated whom I approached.

I laid out exactly what I was looking for in a director in my post, “But What I Really Want To Do Is Direct.”  I need to reread that.  In fact, I need to reread the post that launched this entire experiment back on January 1, 2012, “Happy New Year and Here I go!”  I have to get back to the heart of my original Experiment in Prolific Creativity and, not only what I’m doing but also why I’m doing it.  That way I can formulate my vision for the project and actually make my next movie!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a vision to formulate.

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