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Worry taking up too much space?

Give thanks instead!

When the worry monster takes over—about money, about relationships, about work, about holiday guests—acknowledge it, note it and then replace it with giving thanks instead!  Replace worry by thinking about who and what you are actually grateful for and give thanks for it and for them. Replace worry by feeling thankful. Replace worry by saying thank you. Replace worry by taking action to assuage that worry and get to a place of thankfulness.  Be aware when worry takes up too much space so you can shift and take action or release and let go.  Let worry motivate you to be thankful and take action!

Think thanks.

Feel thanks.

Say thanks.

Act from a state of thankfulness.

Constantly create a sense of gratitude in, around and for everyone you love and everything you have.

Motivational Pic 112 - Give thanks for the little things

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