A Battered Dream

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A Battered Dream

My head has been in dreams since yesterday afternoon when I went to the post office and there was a lone dream in the box.  Lined, frayed and battered, it looked like it had made a long, hard journey.  Which, considering its softness, I suspect involved going through the wash! It’s appearance, more than the actual scrawled dream on the front, deeply impacted me.  It’s our dreams, those precious, secret wishes, longings, hopes, aspirations, that take the brunt of our abuse from insecurity, loss, rejection, fear, disappointment, doubt, hurt.  You name it, they take it.  How battered are our dreams?!

164th Dream to arrive

A life or death featured Dream this week.

Last night, I posted the featured dream of the week…not a light dream.  It’s beautiful but the stakes are high.  Life or death high.  The dreamer dated her dream.  It was from July 2013.  I couldn’t stop wondering about it and the outcome three years later.  Did they make it to that cafe in paris?  I offered a prayer to the universe they did.  That coupled with the earlier pondering of the declared dream card condition plus a day full of inspiring filmmaking news from my closest friends (and probably watching too much Orphan Black) led to an intense night of literal dreaming.  Let’s just say it involved my dream of making my next movie and a hand grenade.  A grenade going off in my actual dream about creating my dream is about as battered as you can get!

A Battered Dream

A Battered Dream

I woke up unsettled, to say the least.  Is making my dream movie worth setting off a grenade for?!  Metaphorically speaking.  (I hope.)  And then I thought of the featured dream.  Life is not a given.  It’s a gift.  And so are our dreams.  Be kind to them.  Create them.  And like our newest, brave dreamer in the Declare Your Dream Experimental Motivation Project, no matter how battered your dream is, it can still be “mailed”!

So, the answer?  Yes.  Life is short.  My dream is worth it.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…dreams worth creating.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.


  1. Wow! I just said a prayer for the cancer cure. And for you my dear sister that all your “battered” dreams come true!

    • Thank you, Eye Doc Sis!!!!! That means so much!!! I said a prayer for the cancer cure too. Puts things in perspective, that’s for sure. And, I am always praying that all of your dreams come true!!!! Love you so much.

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