Creating 2015—Day 83:   Tuesday Transition

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Creating 2015—Day 83:   Tuesday Transition

Uh-mazing Romantic Partner started his new show and had to go into his new office yesterday morning.  In other words, he left me!  I have loved having him home for the last almost two months.  We’ve been able to focus on our films and get into a nice healthy routine with nutrition and exercise.  But now he’s gone again.  Technically he doesn’t start traveling until the beginning of May but I’m feeling the withdrawal symptoms already.

Yesterday I found myself feeling super mad…at him.  At first I couldn’t figure out why I was so pissed off at him but I was.  It snowballed until I was pretty much ready to divorce him—even though we aren’t married.  Then on our walk this morning, I finally realized what I was doing.  I was having separation anger!  It was easier to be pissed at him than be sad that he’s going to be slammed and traveling and I will rarely see him for the next eight months.

I’m in transition!  I’m transitioning into being used to him not being home again.  I’m not a big fan of transitions.  I don’t tend to do them smoothly or gracefully.  But I felt better this morning.  So that’s good.  It was easier seeing him off to work.  I wasn’t as angry.  And I got more done on my own work—not as much as I’d planned but it was certainly more than yesterday.  I hope tomorrow the transition will continue and get even easier!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…transitions.

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